Bicycle Old Masters deck. Digitally Re-painted playing cards with famous classic scenes


Collectable playing cards launches their last creation: Bicycle Old Masters Deck.

Mike Guistolise has bet for a creation of Johny Whaam that depicts characters of classic painters and sculptors with his own reinterpretation and full digitally painted as shown in the video of the campaign.

The deck has been completely customized and court cards and jokers represent true artworks. As a curious fact , one of the jokers, the famous David by Michelangelo, had to be covered in their private parts to be accepted by the legal policy of the USPCC.

This is one of most ambitious projects of Mike and CPC because there is not just a deck in this campaign, but two, and not just an edition but a potential total of six different tuck boxes. At the beginning, just two editions have been offered, a standard edition, with Mona Lisa in the tuck box and a limited edition with a red back and a print run of 2,500 copies. Furthermore, up to four more limited boxes have been proposed as stretch goals. That means that if the project gets $55,000, the campaign will have a total of 6 different decks, all Bicycle branded and printed by the USPCC .

You can visit the project website and raise your pledge. This deck will be certainly a success with lots of art.

Good Luck!