JLB Playing Cards. A deck marked by the magic of connectivity

A wise combination of cards and magic produces the energy necessary to power the Max Playing Cards engine. I have been working for years with magicians from all over the world and I have just found a project that brings together that conciliatory and multidisciplinary spirit that I am passionate about: JLB MARKED DECK.

JeanLuc Bertrand is a French magician, and a citizen of the world, who has traveled to every corner in the planet bringing the illusion with his close-up magic. Like most magicians, the pandemic hit after his show, Magic Box, was awarded as the best magic show in France, so his confined creative spirit led him on the adventure of producing his own deck. But it couldn’t be just any deck, so he recruited a team that shared his goal for a well done job, quality, surprise, a good dose of sense of humor and, above all, tons of illusion. More than a year of tireless work has enabled the launch of this unique deck.

JLB is, at first glance, a beautiful, elegant deck with a fun touch. Oversized aces, customized court cards, a classic back, and a premium embossed tuck case with inner printing, make this a “seemingly perfect” deck for a night of poker with friends.



However, an advanced and conscientious development has made this deck a powerful working tool for any professional or amateur magician. There are many effects that can be achieved with it, since you open it and a card already appears face up. Extra gaff and duplicate cards give a cool added value.



But the most powerful weapon is found on the back, marked with a clever system for left and right-handed magicians that combines long-distance effectiveness with a subtle design that is easy to understand but imperceptible to the untrained eye.



In order to get the most out of this tool, JeanLuc has prepared a set of interesting videos with tutorials and routines that are included in every pledge level.

But not everything ends here. The campaign also offers, as a stretch goal, the creation of an interesting mobile application that will connect, through the deck, the magician with his audience and social media. In this way, this deck will also become an interesting business opportunity that will be constantly updated.



The cards will be printed by the USPCC so the quality is assured.

The campaign is funded and close to achieving the goal for the app, so if you want to be part of the world’s first connected deck, visit the project website and raise your pledge.

Good luck!