WALHALLA Playing Cards. A new vision of the epic Norse mythology in two luxurious decks

Mythology is a huge source of artistic inspiration and Norse mythology has been especially used during the last years. Today I bring you a new deck inspired by the magical world of the Norse Gods: WALHALLA..

When a soldier dies in combat, he is brought to the presence of Odin in Valhalla or Freia in Fólkvangr, the best know god and goddess of Norse mythology. Inspired by these gods, the WALHALLA decks take a tour of the family tree and the main characters linked to the Norse deities with a very original design style. The casual illustrations by Julien Riesen for these cards show a delicate work with a balance between detail and the use of the strokes to give each card its own personality.

The format of the numbered cards is quite original, with a common scheme in which the appropriate number of pips is clearly illuminated to keep its playability.



The court cards are able to approach in a very didactic way the epic mythological gods and goddesses in a symmetrical scheme that reminds the traditional but that are completely customized.



Two editions will be created: Odin and Freia, in a limited print run of 1000 decks each.

Odin edition will have a tuck case in orange pearlescent stock with red and silver foil. The cards will use metallic inks in a very vivid and clean color scheme on a white background.



Freia edition will be much darker and elegant, with a tuck case in black atock and red foil. Cards will have a monochrome design with metallic silver and gold inks on a black background.




The decks will be printed by NPCC (Noir Arts) with their best quality and care of materials and finishes which will also make them a fantastic collection object.

Extras such as double sleeves, coins, improvements to the tuck case or even a third edition have been stated as stretch goals.

Two decks to enjoy and get closer to the fantastic world of mythology. If you like them, visit WALHALLA. and raise your pledge.

Good luck!