BICYCLE decks relaunched by Collectable Playing Cards. A crazy world during the whole year

Collectable Playing Cards have relaunched in Kickstarter some of their previous campaigns. Here is a summary:





Inspired by old classic playing cards, the design has been carefully created like intricately crafted. All the deck has been intentionally aged getting that yellowed aspect and mixing the beauty of the traditional playing cards an some mystery behind the symbols and decorations of the aces and tuck case. The aged aspect has been created using digital techniques to make each card unique.

This deck does not go unnoticed. An explosion of fantasy and color floods all the corners of these cards created with collages that mix all kinds of images. Honoring its name, this madness of illustrations will entertain us for a while trying to discover every detail in the court cards and back while the numbered cards will try to mesmerize us with their spirals while we play our favorite game.



Printed by the USPCC and Bicycle branded the project is already funded. Just a couple days left so if you like it you can get it on the project website.







Cheerful and fresh. So are the four decks designed by Juniardi Satyanagara  in this small collection dedicated to the four seasons.

These decks follow the same idea as previous productions, as in the “Natural Disasters” series, based on the traditional patterns with a special customization. This time, custom decks are much cleaner and brighter, with white background and striking illustrations. Each deck represents a different season with its own colors and elements.



All the tuck cases together form the figure of a sun, an incentive to make the whole collection.



Of course, they will be printed by the USPCC and Bicycle branded.



After an unsuccessful campaign with the four decks, CPC decided to launch the decks individually in a limited and numbered edition of 1100 units and it seems that the strategy is working. Both campaigns are already funded and you can get both AUTUMN and WINTER decks separately. The remaining two will be launched soon.







Good luck!

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