ESSENTIA Playing cards. Traditional inspiration with an original style

A little over two years ago, Mankin Chan (Mankinnovation), a graphic designer based in the Netherlands, successfully launched the original Cultura deck, a tour through four different countries around the world with a simple yet appealing illustration style. Now, Mankin strikes back with a new project: ESSENTIA.

Essentia keeps that eye-catching simple drawing, flat colors and “cartoonish” style of the previous deck and becomes the author’s reinterpretación of the traditional playing cards. Thus, these cards will be an interesting collection object because of its originality and, at the same time, a perfect deck to be used thanks to its absolute playability.



The deck is elegant, very clean, with white backgrounds and perfectly recognizable elements. Custom pips and indices give the deck a touch of distinction and court cards show us endearing characters.



The two jokers asymmetrically represent four magicians, one for each suit.



To give it a more classic look, the back and the tuck case are decorated by an argyle pattern (known for representing twentieth-century English fashion with a rhombus structure) in blue tones and with the suits symbols.



The deck will be printed by Legends Playing Cards Co. and with funding enough, extras in the tuck case like silver foil, numbered seal or inner printing will be unlocked.

The prices are quite reasonable, especially if you take advantage of the first days with some discounted levels so, if you like it, visit the project website and raise your pledge.

Good luck!