TANK MASTERS Playing Cards. World War II seen from a tank

Wars are the ultimate demonstration of human’s inability to solve a problem in a civilized manner but have also forged our history and unfortunately remain, for many citizens of the world, a frightening reality they live every day. We must not lose the opportunity to remember the horrors of war to prevent its recurrence.

The latest of the “big” wars, World War II, has been the inspiration for the talented Ukrainian artist, Sviatoslav Pashchuk (Agitcom) to create his new deck TANK MASTERS: World War II.

Focused on the armored divisions of the different countries involved in the conflict, the artist has created two decks: Invasors and Liberators, gathering the two major factions. Each suit in each deck represents a country (USA, Britain, France and Poland on the one hand and Germany, Italy, Japan and the USSR on the other). The court cards show relevant military of each country while the aces show their most famous tanks.



The designs of the deck are full of symbols that identify each of the characters, tanks and countries with allegorical representations of strength, intelligence, courage or power through the use of swords, skulls, axes or emblems. Historical flags and military identification symbols on each card are also used. A symbology that will delight fans and collectors of historical military objects.


TankMasters_details01 TankMasters_flags


An engraving technique has been used for the illustrations to give them a more “historical” aspect.




Both tuck cases are very similar, but when you put them together they form a single image with two enemy tanks facing each other, the two groups of countries and a map of the front line in 1941. With funding enough, the tuck cases will include all extras (embossing, foiling, inner printing, …).



The cards will be printed by NPCC using their highest quality standards. In addition, two special sets for collectors will be created: the Officer’s set, with both decks in a grey hand made leather case numbered and limited to 50 units and Soldier’s set, with both decks in a steel box with numbered and signed by the artist seals limited to 100 units.



Certainly, a campaign full of graphic talent and historical interest that you cannot miss. Visit the project website and raise your pledge.

Good luck!