CALAVERAS DE AZÚCAR Playing Cards. Sweet Russian dolls living the Mexican fiesta

After her more traditional style in The Other Kingdom, Natalia Silva strikes back to her roots with an amazing and personal interpretation of the Day of the Dead: CALAVERAS DE AZÚCAR.

Those Natalia’s fans will perfectly see in these cards her original style, with a clear remembering of the Russian Folk Art decks but with a fantastic new and colorful designs inspired by the most traditional Mexican celebration. Even if you are a bit tired of so many Day of the Death playing cards (I am not, I love them) you will enjoy these decks because the artist has been able to reinvent the theme to make something unique and original with that innocent and charming touch by Natalia.




Color is everywhere, like the celebration itself. The skulls in tuck case and backs are profusely decorated with flowers and jewels and framed by an ace of spades made with nature elements such as grapes and leaves. The aces are also a colorful bloom while the court cards have been customized with the skull masks and almost fluorescent bright colors.

There will be two standard editions, with two different color schemes in black and blue background. Both will be printed by the USPCC in a 2500 limited print run.



But you already know Natalia loves special editions so she has decided to create for this deck with a total of three, all printed by MPC with amazing extras (high gloss technology on tuck case, numbered, signed and ultra limited) that will shake the pockets of those most serious collectors. This way, there will be a PURPLE Edition, with a print run of 500 decks, a GREEN Edition with a print run of 100 decks and a RED Edition, the most limited of all, with just 10 decks printed using the high gloss technology not only in the tuck case but also in the back of the cards… a true collector item.




So, pick up your deck, you have many to chose, whatever your budget is, so you can’t miss this campaign. Visit the project website and raise your pledge.

Good luck!