Fanangled deck. Playing Cards view from another angle


Steward West is a nice guy that wants to make something special. He belongs to TunnelBravo a small graphic design firm with a huge background on re-branding companies designing everything for them. They have decided to re-brand also the classic playing cards in a deck full of angles: the Fanangled deck.

This is their first deck project, although they have other in mind. They designed everything themselves and illustrated everything working from sketches. While there are a lot of custom designed decks out there a lot of them still follow the tradition layout. They wanted to re-design the suites as well as the configuration of them on each card. They wanted to push the bounds a little and not have any faces on the face cards but still make them recognizable without looking at the corner.

This is one of those projects where saying things about the cards is nothing compared to looking at them, so I will let you enjoy the art and design of each card in this deck (including three super-high-resolution images to see the tiniest details). The concept is stunning and the result is great.

The deck, if funded, will be printed by USPCC on Casino Bee card stock with magic finish, so they need a lot of money for the 5,000 decks edition. You can find more info and raise your pledge in the project website.

Good luck!