Scopa Playing Cards. A classic and funny Italian game


Hidden among one million new poker decks in Kickstarter, you can find an European treasure made by The Spiel and called Scopa Playing Cards.

Scopa is a classic Italian game that comes from 1522, played with a 40 card deck, 10 cards in four different suits (as the traditional Spanish deck). The suits in a traditional Scopa deck are swords, cups, clubs (literal clubs), and coins. Each suit has cards ranked from ace to seven and three face cards: The King, The Knight, and The Squire (or in some decks, The Lady).

The Spiel edition of Scopa replaces the traditional suits with game components: dice, dominoes, clubs (the card suit), and meeples.

If the project is funded, the Scopa deck will be printed at Ludo Fact, a German printer, using the highest quality card stock and linen finish and bridge size. It will have 40 cards (or 52 if it gets a funding stretch goal).

Have a look to the gallery (including some cards for the 52 extended deck) and go to the project website to get more info and raise your pledge.

Good luck!