DON QUIXOTE VOL. 2 Playing Cards. Clavileño will fly to success

Following the success of the first edition that depicted the characters from the first part of “the most famous novel in the world“, Nam Tibon (Cellar Window) has just released the second edition: DON QUIXOTE VOL.2.



This second part , was written by Cervantes in 1615, 10 years after the first one, and there, the characters of Don Quixote and Sancho become aware of the popularity of their adventures (narrated in the first part), something that marks in some way the development of the story. Cervantes himself appears in this part as a character who dares even, with a sublime clairvoyance, to affirm that the novel will become a classic of the universal literature.



This edition comes with the name of Clavileño, the wooden horse used in this second part to laugh at Don Quixote and Sancho Panza in one well-known chapter. In addition to the popular characters like the knight, his squire and the “beautiful” Dulcinea del Toboso, this part reveals new characters that Nam masterfully depicts in the beautifully illustrated court cards full of detail and created from scratch.



The aesthetics of the cards keeps the beauty and good taste of its predecessor, with elegant suits and elaborate designs. The background this time, instead of white or black, has a worn style that gives the cards an aged look. The tuck case is decorated with a beautiful gold foil and and a custom perforated seal (both as stretch goals). In short, a work of art inspired by a work of art.



Printed by Legends Playing Cards Company, the campaign offers decks with quite reasonable prices including also free shipping.

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