PIPMEN WORLD Playing Cards. A few hours to get the universe Pipmen at the best price

Some days ago I talked about the imminent launch of the latest project by Ben Jones (Elephant Playing Cards). The project is live: PIPMEN WORLD.

Pipmen World is the last deck of the Pipmen series and it is not only another deck. Apart from the original semi-transformation style used in the previous editions, this deck not only shows the popular characters of the saga but also reveals the entire pipmen universe. Each card is a small piece of a huge puzzle in which we will see more than 150 little men in 16 different environments.



Each suit depicts a different environment: the city, the air, the ocean and the earth.



Like in previous decks, the court cards show reversible pipmen with their own story to tell, all related to their own environment.



While the jokers represent two epic heroes that paint the stars and bear the weight of the world on their shoulders, the back of the cards show the entire world in a one-way style.



The tuck case is full of color and optimism, as Pipmen World is, with silver foils accents, custom seal and inner printing (as stretch-goal).



Furthermore, as a special highlight of the series, a Collector’s Edition deck is also offered, with a elegant black tuck case with gold foiled accents and a nice embossing. The cards will follow the same artwork of the original pipmen decks with a new back.



Legends Playing Cards Company will print both decks. If you like it, visit the project website and raise your pledge. Be fast because during the first 18 hours of the project, you will have early bird prices to get them.

Good luck!