ELEPHANT Playing Cards Relaunch. The new king in this jungle of decks

After trying it a few months ago, Ben Jones (Elephant Playing Cards) has made interesting changes and  relaunched the ELEPHANT Playing Cards

In collaboration with Anomaly World Studios, these decks are a bet to create their own brand, their own image, with completely new (hand drawn) designs that combine traditional patterns and creative illustrations that blend elegance and functionality in equal parts.

Thus, it is a clean and elegant deck of traditional structure, where aces, court cards and backs have been fully created from scratch.



For this relaunch, three different editions will be printed: DesertTundra and Night. Desert and Tundra refer to the two great natural habitats of the great pachyderm and present two different color combinations: Earth tones for Desert and blue tones for Tundra.


The tuck cases will undoubtedly be flashy and luxurious, as they will combine the highly intricate designs of the back with the embossing and foil in bronze and silver respectively.



The Night Edition, the new addition to this re-launch, will be the most luxurious and limited of the three. With a completely nocturnal atmosphere, back and faces will have black backgrounds, with a beautiful tuck case full of details in gold foil and purple sparkles. Furthermore, deck will be gilded to give it even more elegance.



All the decks Desert and Tundra ediciont They will be printed by LPCC. A new standard that I hope will become a success.

If you like, visit the project website and raise your pledge.

Good luck!