ART OF PLAY Christmas. Design, quality and a wide variety of Playing Cards

Christmas is a time for celebration and gifts. Our friends from Art Of Play offer us a selection of playing cards so varied that it will be impossible for you not to find the perfect gift for your loved one or, why not, for yourself. They are decks that combine the design and the avant-garde with the best printing quality.





The first DKNG deck (red) was launched in 2014 and was a real success. Since then, two more editions in in blue and green were produced. Recently, to celebrate the Black Friday, Art Of Play launched this version in black. A miniature edition of the original deck has also just been released.

The designs make a modern and somewhat more minimalist reinterpretation of the classic Bicycle Rider Back deck in which everything has been completely customized. Each edition brings a new and fresh change in the illustrations and the black edition offers us a black and white back and some intense colors on the faces.



The elegant tuck case, embossed and foiled also in black, contrasts with the white backgrounds of the cards that keeps the cleanliness of the illustrations for clarity and playability.



Printed by the USPCC in the Art of Play’s trademark thin-stock preferred by cardists. Get it in Art Of Play.





AoP collaborates with the Brazilian artist Mauro Martins to present this set of decks that are a tribute to our planet. The pop-psychedelic style of the artist produces beautiful illustrations full of elements that will allow you discover a different card each time you look at them.




Four decks form this collection that represent the Air, Land, Space and Sea in a very personal and colorful vision of The Earth.



In addition, as an ecological gesture, AoP will plant one tree for each deck sold.

The cards have been printed by the USPCC in a limited edition and you can get them individually or in 4-deck set in Art Of Play.





A deck designed by Antonio Martínez and Alba Zapata that brings back memories of the 70s and the pop culture in the United States.



A minimalist and very cheerful design that will fill our hours of play with music and chocolate shakes with completely customized cards.



Printed by the USPCC in the Art of Play’s trademark thin-stock preferred by cardists. Get it in Art Of Play.






The Peau Doux Gold deck was a recent creation of AoP in collaboration with Potter & Potter and Pitchford Entertainment to pay homage to the great magician Richard Valentine Pitchford (Cardini). The designs were a modern replica of the poker cards used by the artist in his performances in “The Suave Deceiver” in a beautiful retro-looking tuck case with embossed and foiled typographic print.

The limited edition of 2,500 units of the original edition sold out quickly and now AoP offers us the Silver edition.



Using standard faces, the ace of spades, the jokers and the back have been customized. This new edition keeps the essence of the original with a color change.


Printed by the USPCC in the special crushed stock by Art Of Play, this deck has a limited print run of 3000 units. You can get it in Art Of Play.





The NOC decks are undoubtedly one of the most popular among magicians and cardists for their design simplicity and print quality. There are dozens of different color variations and editions released to the market with overwhelming success.

Produced in collaboration with Alex Pandrea, founder of the NOC series, the NOC Colorgrades decks replace the usual flat back with a gradient one in yellow and green tones inspired by the colors of the desert sunset and the tropical forest.


The tuck cases are undoubtedly very original, with the laser-cut AoP logo that shows the gradients on the back.



Each deck also includes a custom ace of spades, a gaff card for magical effects and a hidden message to be deciphered.

Printed by the USPCC in the Art of Play’s trademark thin-stock preferred by magicians and cardists. Get it in Art Of Play.






Although it is not the first time we see a deck inspired by optical illusions, the design of this is quite different and original.

54 cards depict original designs by Gianni Sarcone, the great columnist who created visual puzzles and mathematical brain teasers, including classic effects and some redesigned with innovative ideas developed after years of study.



The deck is presented in a very striking holographic tuck case.



Printed by the USPCC in the Art of Play’s thin-stock. Get it in Art Of Play.







This fruit of the collaboration with the Soulsight Agency, this deck is designed as the spark of creative fire, to fill whoever looks at it with fresh ideas for creation… a catalyst for thought.

The almost monochromatic and vector designs are simple but effective and are accompanied by inspiring quotes.



Printed by the USPCC in the Art of Play’s trademark thin-stock preferred by cardists. Get it in Art Of Play.




As you can see, there is a lot to choose from.

In addition, Art Of Play is celebrating the “25 days of Christmas” with an exclusive object every day. You can sign up for the daily newsletter or see all the new Christmas releases on this page.

Happy holidays for everyone!