BICYCLE INSIGNIA BACK Playing Cards. The new generation of Bicycle cards with the most traditional RED and BLUE

A few months ago I told you about the Insignia decks, a new idea by Brent Braun (The Magic Firm) to produce the most famous cards in a different format. After the success obtained in the first campaign with the white and black decks Brent has just launched the new campaign: BICYCLE INSIGNIA RED AND BLUE.




Offered as an unlocked stretch goal in the previous campaign, the blue and red decks represent the most traditional vision of Bicycle cards with the renewed back of giant logos. The good feedback from the fans about the first two decks, already delivered, has encouraged their creators to continue the saga with these two colors that show the original identity of Bicycle Playing Cards.




Bicycle Insignia Back is a standard Bicycle deck with a clean and modern look. The traditional backs (rider, maiden, …) have been replaced by symmetrical backs that show the Bicycle logo, similar to those casino traditional decks, on a solid color background. This change that can be considered subtle actually gives the decks a completely different, more sober and distinguished aspect.



Like in the white and black decks, these ones include two special gaff cards, which this time are a blank face and a double back. These two cards are quite popular among magicians and will offer amazing classic card tricks.



Once again, the crushed stock with air-cushion finish will be used. This combination will give the deck a fantastic feel and performance.

In this campaign, in addition to the standard decks, a limited print-run of red and blue gilded editions will be made that will go in the same tuck case but with a special numbered seal.



The decks will be Bicycle branded and printed by the USPCC using the traditional tuck case. The campaign prices are very reasonable especially in multiple decks tiers (from $3,2 per deck). There is also free shipping worldwide in specific levels.

If you like it, visit the project website and raise your pledge.

Good luck!