DIRE MULTIVERSE Playing Cards. A deck to travel to a fantastic and multidimensional world.

Dire Multiverse is a world created by a small group of talented enthusiasts who tell stories through different platforms (audio-dramas, board games, multimedia storytelling, video games, …) to offer a unique and immersive experience in a world of fantasy, adventure and mystery. As a complement to these contents, they have decided to produce a deck of cards: DIRE MULTIVERSE.

The cards are inspired by an adventure called “Riot of Color” that takes place in a modern world with different dimensions connected to each other like in a beehive. The existence of all these dimensions is known only to some inhabitants in the Earth whose stories are the protagonists of this adventure.



Thus, in the court cards you can find a wide variety of beautifully illustrated characters that combine the strength and mystery of fairy tales and epic legends.



With complete customization in the faces but respecting the traditional suits, the deck can be used in the most popular card games and also as a complement to the role-playing game “Home by Dark” developed by Protagonist Industries.



Two different editions will be printed, with the same faces and different backs (summer and autumn) and the deck will be stored in a clear plastic box. In addition, several stretch goals have been offered to improve the product: gift chip, third extra joker, special tuck case with foil and other extras in the cards, …). Although the initial plan is to make a print on demand based on the number of backers, the creators are in contact with some printers to get the best quality paper and finish to make the very best possible product.



It is a charming deck and a door to a new world of entertainment. If you want to be part of the Multiverse, visit the project website and raise your pledge.

Good luck!