Bicycle CLASSIC Playing Cards. Vintage taste with a modern twist

9780 Design is a small company with over 15 years of experience and deep passion for magic and designing. They are not new at all in playing cards design as they are proud to have been working for relevant companies such as Ellusionist, Alakazam and Elite Playing Cards behing behind the design of popular Bicycle decks like Venom, Venom Strike, Dr. Jekyll, Majestic and Grimoire.

Fascinated by “Vintage” objects, they wanted to created their own deck of cards and they wanted it to be a Vintage style deck. This moment has arrived and the name of the deck is CLASSIC BICYCLE Playing Cards.




The design creates an old atmosphere around it with the modern-vintage touch. That blend of styles gives this deck a unique aspect where every detail has been carefully treated. Every card has been designed from scratch with details made engraving and etching printing style brushed into them. Everything seems classic… Even the colors used to design the face of the cards were chosen carefully. The nice mixture of black, brown and grey ink colors of the courts and number cards on the old paper background gives a perfect combination for the theme.




The deck wil be printed, obviously, by USPCC and if the stretch goal is reached, a White Edition of the deck will be printed too. This edition is even more elegant and clean.



Apart from the different cool add-ons offered that will delight the card fans, some lucky (and wealthy) backer can also become immortal by having his or her picture amongst the 52 cards, so that everyone in the world who opens that deck will see their name and their picture. These custom “Thank you” cards are available in the highest pledge levels.




And following with the cool accessories… why not having a customized poster (you as a King or Queen) on your walls instead of some random poster? Even better you can gift it to your loved ones to show how much they matter to you.




Enjoy the cards and visit the project website to raise your pledge and become a member of this exclusive and CLASSIC group.

Good luck!