MASQUERADE MARDI GRAS Playing Cards. Brain Vessel’s Carnival fills with color

After succesfully completing the campaign in which they offered the second deck of their “Artist Series”, BrainVessel team has decided to fulfill the wish of many of their backers who saw with sadness how the Mardi Gras edition, offered as a stretch goal, could not be unlocked. Thus, they have just launched a new campaign to create this beautiful and colorful deck: MASQUERADE MARDI GRAS.

Masquerade Mardi Gras has been illustrated by Denyse Klette, a Canadian artist with a huge talent for drawing and painting, tireless and imaginative illustrator and creative as well as a renowned sculptor. With a very personal style, fun and a little crazy, the court cards illustrations have carnivalesque reminiscences, with an interesting combination of natural elements and body parts with the poker suits in a balanced jumble of great aesthetic beauty. It is not about illustrations placed on cards but expressly designed to be a card, something that denotes an important mastery of technique and space.

This deck takes the inspiration from the day before Ash Wednesday, the beginning of Lent, that represents the last chance for believers to enjoy carnal pleasures (including those culinary). Therefore, that day is known in some places as the “Fat Tuesday“, especially in its French term “Mardi Gras“. The day is specially important in some places like New Orleans with one of the most colorful festivals in the United States that is also the inspiration for these cards.



If the first edition was completely black and white, in Mardi Gras cards are dressed with a burst of color that allows to highlight even more the details and that perfectly fits with the joy of the celebration it represents. That beauty is also transmitted to the aces and numbered cards that also keep their clear and clean reading.



The tuck case, of course, is also very colorful and although it is not specifically mentioned, it is understood that it will be printed by the USPCC as well as their previous creations.



You can also take advantage of the campaign and get the original Masquerade Black Box Edition in combined tiers and as add-on. If you like it, visit the project website and raise your pledge.

Good luck!