Full Moon Bicycle Playing Cards. Live the real transformation of the werewolves


Scott King (Crooked Kings Cards) has always surprised us with fabulous quality design cards and I have spoken about them in previous articles. This time he brings us a new project not only with a spectacular new design, but also with something never seen before: Full Moon.

Full Moon deck is dedicated to the mysterious and disturbing world of the werewolves. The aces and court cards have magnificent handmade illustrations of heartbreaking performances of werewolves before and after their transformation.



The USPCC will print two different editions of tuck case for this deck, both Bicycle branded. The Standard Edition and the Special Edition. The special edition presents an element not used before in a Bicycle deck: the lenticular tuck-case.



Lenticular images are unique as they are able to show different scenes when changing the angle of view. Thus, an illusion of motion is created. The special edition of Full Moon will use this system to display in the front of the tuck case the transformation of a werewolf using three different scenes.



There is also a third tuck case prepared that will be unlocked as soon as the project is funded. It is the Limited Edition that will also have a new lenticular image and will be foil stamped.

No doubt it is a very original project with fully customized cards and a very bold design. Feel free to visit the project website and raise your pledge.

Good luck!