CONTOURS Playing Cards. A double line that hides many secrets

Olly Swinyard is an English student and a passionate artist who has been trying for some time to get his cards designs become real decks. With a mainly minimalist style, Olly tried, without success, to fund very interesting decks. Now, he presents us his most mature creation: CONTOURS.


Contours_detailedcard01 Contours_detailedcard02Contours_numbered


CONTOUR is a quite linear drawing deck with a very simple color pattern and a very simple stroke, but with a great visual strength. The artist has played with a double line to build all the graphic universe that decorates the deck. Everything is customized with that double line, from the suits and indexes to the elaborate drawings of court cards, full of details and with symbols and amulets that relate the characters one to each other.




It is possible to spend many time in each of the cards examining their endless details, from the intricate ornaments on the back, to the detailed shapes of aces.


Contours_back Contours_aces Contours_jokers


It is a clean and careful job that deserves to be printed on real cards. If that’s the case, Legends Playing Cards Company will print them.

If you like what you see, visit the project website and raise your pledge.

Good luck!