EL RECUERDO Playing cards. Mexican culture and history beautifully illustrated

Sviatoslav Pashchuk (Agitcom) is one of those designers whose work is worth of admiration. He is able to turn each card into a piece of art. He already did it in the Golden Age decks and now he presents his new creation: EL RECUERDO.

For this deck the artist takes the tradition and culture of Mexico combining folkloric and historical elements in a very successful way. With just a pencil and a paper Sviatoslav has taken a variety of references and has filled every corner of his illustrations with symbols. After seven months working in a combination of traditional and modern aspects and applying digital techniques to the original sketches, the deck shows an extraordinary balance.



Plenty of decoration, the symbolism is quite deep. The artist has used ornaments typical from the old Mexican money and a combination of the green colors present in the modern banknotes. Golden elements from the Mayan culture (like the calendar) decorate the beautiful and intricate illustrations.



Apart from the standard deck, called “Revolución“, two more editions have been created as stretch goals: Victoria and Muertos. For these decks, variations inspired by the popular Day of the Dead festival have been created. For this artwork the court card faces are replaced by make-up skulls. Thus, the court of Muertos Edition will be symmetrical with that decoration and Victoria Edition will combine asymmetrically the faces of the other two decks. In addition, backs and tuck cases will be different in all editions (and the tucks will have the three colors of the Mexican flag).



NPCC (Noir Arts) will print these decks and will be able to show their potential not only in the printing quality but in one of their strongest points: the tuck cases. Embossing, inner printing, foil, the deck will become authentic works of art.


A beautiful proposal that you can know better on the project website and raise your pledge.

Good luck!