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24 June

EL RECUERDO: MUERTOS ILUMINADOS Playing Cards. The fourth deck of a series full of beauty and tradition

One month ago, Sviatoslav Pashchuk (Agitcom) launched his decks EL RECUERDO. His talent as a designer made this campaign a success in which all stretch goals were unlocked including the three editions offered as stretch goals.     The artist also created a very special fourth edition that wasn’t funded and has been just released in a new campaign: EL RECUERDO: Muertos Iluminados.     This deck brings new designs on faces, back and tuck case although it keeps as reference the…

10 May

EL RECUERDO Playing cards. Mexican culture and history beautifully illustrated

Sviatoslav Pashchuk (Agitcom) is one of those designers whose work is worth of admiration. He is able to turn each card into a piece of art. He already did it in the Golden Age decks and now he presents his new creation: EL RECUERDO. For this deck the artist takes the tradition and culture of Mexico combining folkloric and historical elements in a very successful way. With just a pencil and a paper Sviatoslav has taken a variety of references and…

10 December

CARNAVAL DE MUERTOS Decks. Lively playing cards to celebrate death

The traditional Day of the Dead celebrated in Mexico has already been the inspiration of several decks. One of the most interesting one was undoubtedly Fuego!, created by Nam Tibon (Cellar Window). Inspired by the designs of Nam and by Steve Simpson‘s illustrations, Noir Arts has released a deck about this popular celebration: CARNAVAL DE MUERTOS.     The designs on these cards are hilarious, with a humorous tone and fantastic coloring. The characters in the court cards live the…

05 May

Fuego! Not yet another Muertos deck

  Nam Tibon is a great artist. He is not new on playing cards design as he has been behind great decks such as the gold Edition of Get Made by Crooked Kings or the last British Monarchy Tally-Ho deck by LUX. He is the creative for a new brand called Cellar Window, and for the premiere, they have launched their first deck: FUEGO!   He is the creative director for a new brand called Cellar Window, and for the premiere, they…