Fuego! Not yet another Muertos deck


Nam Tibon is a great artist. He is not new on playing cards design as he has been behind great decks such as the gold Edition of Get Made by Crooked Kings or the last British Monarchy Tally-Ho deck by LUX. He is the creative for a new brand called Cellar Window, and for the premiere, they have launched their first deck: FUEGO!


He is the creative director for a new brand called Cellar Window, and for the premiere, they have launched their first deck: Fuego!

Fuego! is inspired by the Day of Dead and the work of José Posada, a famous nineteenth-century Mexican paintmaker involved in the revolutionary movement. This is something that has become quite popular along last years thanks to decks like Calaveras or Día de los Muertos.



This deck is completely different from the visual point of view. Colorful, detailed, hand-illustrated and bold designs make this deck something unique.

The deck will be printed by Legends Playing Card Company, using their Traditional Cut and Emerald Finish. The interior of the embossed tuck case will be decorated with skulls and bones (as stretch goals) and everything, including a perforated seal, will be customized.



I am sure you will enjoy this deck so if you want one, or more, visit the project website and raise your pledge.


I have had the opportunity to see one of the prototypes and even being a dummy photographer, I have tried to catch its beauty. You can see my photos in this gallery (you can see all the details as they are in high resolution):



¡Gracias Nam! ¡Buena suerte!