Phil Pockets’ Billiard Hall Playing Cards. The Great Pool Hall Opening!



Chuck Brodd is a fan of physics and a fan of billiard games. He dreams about opening his own pool hall and gaming center called Phil Pockets. This dream inspired him to create a deck of cards for his customers and friends: Phil Pockets’ Billiard Hall Playing Cards.

His deck is a tribute to the increasingly endangered pool halls. It has a simple, clean and elegant design. All the elements are related to billiard, darts and games played in a pool hall, including a hint of a pool table border on each card. Chuck has completely redefined the artwork of the traditional playing cards, including the pips and a very sexy joker reveal,  but has also be respectful with “sacred” elements such as the suicide kind or the mustached jacks.

The overall aspect of the deck is, in my opinion, stunning and the purpose for which it was created has been undoubtedly satisfactorily resolved.

Visit the project website to raise your pledge and get more info. Enjoy some images of the deck and the cards.

Good luck!