Olde Bones. A story of mystery and death through 54 playing cards



Emily Ross is not a designer, a painter, a sculptress, she is all that and more, just an Artist, with a capital ‘A’. She has been an artist since childhood and this time she has created her own story through a set of cards: Olde Bones: deck of the dead.



The design of the deck is stunning and disturbing. The cards mix the hand drawn illustrations with soft and dark colors that give to the whole set an atmosphere of mystery, fantasy and magic.



The characters in the court cards have a very special style with enigmatic poses and elements that blend concepts such as time, death and life. A subtle and macabre sense of humor is also present in the elegant designs. All in this deck has been customized and it will be produced by Toronto Playing Card Company and, when funded, printed by the USPCC.

Enjoy the images of the whole set of cards in the gallery and visit the project website to raise your pledge.

Good luck!