Bicycle Coat of Arms deck. Play with it or just hang it on your wall


This is a very interesting design for a new deck of cards: Bicycle Coat of Arms.



Justin Froyd (Jamm Pakd Cards) got the inspiration from his parents Family Crest on their wall in his childhood home. He thought it would be unique and interesting to have different images inspired by medieval coat or arms in a deck of cards. He has been playing card games and poker since he was young. He met Gonzo, his card designer, more than 10 years ago. Gonzo has over 15 years of ad agency, design studio and in-house design experience. He has also done illustrations for national ad campaigns, publications, trade show graphics and comic books.



There will be two different editions of the deck: the Coat of Arms deck, with vivid colors, and the Dark Ages limited deck, with black cards with red and gold metallic inks and a limited and numbered edition of 2,500 decks.

Being Bicycle branded, they will obviously be printed by the USPCC. If you like the design, visit the project website and raise your pledge.

Good luck!



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  1. […] This time, Justin Froyd (Jamm Pakd Cards), the designer, like many others did before, has moved to from USPCC to EPCC  to be able to print a smaller edition and then get funds enough to make his decks real. These playing cards get the inspiration from the medieval coats of arms, something that interested Justin since childhood (you can read the story in my previous article). […]

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