ANCIENT EGYPT Playing Cards. Beautiful illustrations buried in the sands of the desert

There are recurring themes of inspiration in the playing cards design. Ancient Civilizations have always attracted designers and, among all, Egyptian Culture is perhaps one of the most popular. After their success with the “Heroes of a Nation” decks, April GS launch their new creation: ANCIENT EGYPT Playing Cards.



Designed by Konstantin Sheyco and illustrated by Alina Vagapoga, Ancient Egypt deck is almost a graphic encyclopedia of the mythical deities worshiped in the old Egypt culture and religion. Amazing illustrations full of realism, with facial expressions and charming poses, decorate the court cards. Lavish symbology floods every corner of the cards in faces and back. The look of an old papyrus texture background and a fabulous decoration ornate all the cards.



Aces are large and quite elaborate, as the numbered cards are.



Initially, only one edition of the deck is available, the Black Edition “Aces of Egypt”. With a tuck with gold foil and inner printing, this edition will use a black background for the faces and a black background for the back.



Two additional editions have been created as stretch goals: the White Edition “Bastet”, with a silver foiled tuck case and faces and cards in a white backgrounds and the Earth Color Edition (God-Ra) with a different aesthetic and a worn yellow background. The illustrations will therefore be the same with a color variation.



If you like good illustrations, mythology, ancient civilizations or cards … this is your deck. Visit the project website and raise your pledge.

Good luck!