HEROES OF THE NATIONS Playing Cards. Watercolor warriors from the four cardinal points

April is a Russian advertising agency that has decided to launch a new and amazing deck of cards: HEROES OF THE NATION.

Inspired by a fantastic world, the deck depicts legendary warriors of four imaginary nations located in one each of the four cardinal points.




The illustrations have been handmade by the artist Oleg Shapkin in beautiful compositions made with watercolor pencils in which all details have been taken care of. The color combinations are sober but quite deep and strong with shades in black and dark red. The symbology is profuse, with detailed elements ranging from powerful animals that accompany the warriors to the magic and witchcraft of the jokers.




All suits have been customized, with indexes, back, court cards, jokers, seals and tuck cases cases completely redesigned, and all them distill the talent of the artist whose delicate details can be observed in each stroke.




In addition to the Dark deck that offers the most mysterious side with an aged background in the cards and a back inspired by a fierce battle, a second edition, Light, has been created as a stretch goal with a more mystical, magical and stylized aspect on white background. Two more tuck cases have been defined as stretch goals in both versions with embossing and gold and silver foil. All decks will be printed by the USPCC.




If you like designs do not hesitate to visit the project website and raise your pledge.

Good luck!