COMPANY INSIGHT: MURPHY’S MAGIC. The big supplier and their own decks

If you ask any magician about the largest magic dealer, he (or she) will probably tell you about Murphy’s Magic. With a family business vocation, a fantastic customer service  and an impressive catalog of magic items, Murphy’s Magic is one of the main suppliers of books, tricks, DVDs, gadgets and, of course, playing cards for the of retailers scattered around the globe.

In addition to the wholesale of these items, Murphy’s Magic also produces their own decks of cards. I have had the opportunity to chat with them and I have selected some of these decks produced by them to give you a brief summary. All them have been created mainly thinking of magicians and cardists, so the design is close to the traditional patterns and the printer of all is the USPCC using their Bicycle stock.




Since 2014, Murphy’s has organized a unique experience with magicians from around the world to talk and teach magic: At The Table Live Lecture Series. Murphy’s created a deck of playing cards to celebrate the success of that series.



This is a deck of cards with Bicycle standard faces recolored to mint green and deep red and with customized jokers and back. There are two editions: the Green Edition, with a 3500 print run and the Signature Edition, limited to 1500 decks that shows in the back and the tuck case a set of signatures of great magic artists like Daniel Garcia, Greg Wilson, Joshua Jay, Patrick Kun or Eric Jones.



Designed by Jason Brumbalow and illustrated by Abraham Garcia, the Darkfall is a tribute to the nocturnal street performers.



The tuck case is very beautiful, with a pleasing texture thanks to the embossing without printing. The cards are completely customized, with a dark and mysterious combination of colors and strokes with simple lines that give it a great elegance.



Designed by Damien O’Brien, Mandalas is a full customized deck in which everything has been created from the detail. With the combination of spirituality, balance and beauty behind the mandalas, the illustrator is also inspired by the tattoo art to get an interesting blend.



The court cards show Brian’s loved ones, family and friends, giving the deck an even more personal touch.

All these decks are available at your favorite Murphy’s Magic retailer.

If you are an online magic shop and want to sell their products, do not hesitate to contact them. If you are thinking about creating a deck and need a huge dealer to distribute your deck once printed, you can also contact them. Also, if you are an artist and would like to see your deck come true, they may be interested in your design and decide to produce it. In any case, always remember that Murphy’s Magic will be wherever magic items and playing cards are.

Good luck!