ECLIPTIC Playing Cards. The zodiacal universe according to Chris Ovdiyenko

There are artists who are missed when they don’t created new decks for a while. This is the case of Chris Ovdiyenko, one of the most talented and successful artists on the playing cards crowdfunding scenario. After achieving overwhelming victory with Arcana, Oracle or Calaveras, where thousands of backers bet for his designs, Chris strikes back with something new and different: ECLIPTIC.

Taking inspiration from the stars and the zodiacal constellations, Chris decided a year ago to create a different deck than what, on this subject, had been done until now. He had the idea while illustrating the Arcana cards, the Star. The night sky background inspired him to make a zodiac themed deck and then he begun investigating. Engravings by Jacob de Gheyn about Zodiac made in the 16th century amazed him.  Thus, with his popular engraving style, Chris has created a unique deck, in which the court cards depict the twelve Zodiac symbols reinterpreted by the artist.

Chris wanted something without ornament. The universe and the sky is infinite and he wanted no obstacles or borders to enjoy the artwork and the stars. The strokes give shape to completely handmade illustrations that resurface with a mythical beauty over a starry sky. This firmament decorates the back of the cards and the backgrounds of their faces.



Two different versions of the deck will be made. The standard edition, with a color nebula background and the limited edition, with a deep celestial blue color with a minimum print run of 1000 decks numbered by hand. Special features in the tuck cases such as foil inside and outside or embossing will be unlocked as stretch goals. The decks will be printed by the USPCC.



Signed prints and beautiful coins (something that Chris has done in several projects lately with a fantastic result) complete the offer in this campaign.



You can get your decks and discover more details and new cards that will be revealed on the project website.

Good luck!