BICYCLE SAMSARA Playing Cards. The first Bicycle marked deck in Kickstarter

No matter how many times lush grass withers in cold winter, it will always thrive once again in spring.

Bai Juyi

This Chinese proverb is actually a metaphor about our interior power to face the adversities of life. Inspired by this idea, Barry, the artist behind the Sky Descend deck, brings us his new creation: BICYCLE SAMSARA.




Bicycle Samsara is a completely customized deck with nature-inspired design, where the grass from the proverb is the main element. An interesting combination of colors in green and gold makes this deck something special.






In addition, the deck has a feature that makes it even more special: the marked backs. Each card back is discreetly marked with its suit number so the identification is easy for any magic effect. But… be suspicious of a friend that insists in using it for a poker night.




Printed by the USPCC and Bicycle branded, the deck will have a limited and numbered print run and, as a stretch goal, a second unbranded deck will be printed in another limited edition of 1000.




If you like it, visit the project website and raise your pledge.

Good luck!