LIKE LIGHTNING Playing Cards. The 160th anniversary of the Pony Express

50 riders and 500 horses were in charge of traveling the 3600 kilometers between Missouri and California in the famous Pony Express to carry the messages from one end to the other of the United States between April 1960 and November 1861. Despite offering faster delivery service, the Pony Express closed one year after its startup and two days after the shipment of the first transcontinental telegraph. A short but full of anecdotes story that has inspired the great artist Sviatoslav Pashchuk (Agitcom) to make his new decks: LIKE LIGHTNING.

The visual strength of the designer’s hyper-realistic style pays tribute to those who demonstrated bravery and unbridled strength by contributing to the growth of our civilization’s most important advance … communication. Thus, the artist remembers with his illustrations the important contribution made by these men and women in the history of a great country at these times when instant information has become an essential value.

The drawing technique is the one Sviatoslav uses mastery. Starting with pencil sketches, he scans them and begins a laborious process that reveals even the smallest of details and requires a week of work for each illustration.



Thus, the court cards show elaborate portraits of the true protagonists of history, riders and horses in beautiful compositions full of aesthetic force.



Two editions have been created for the campaign, gold and copper, with the same faces and different backs and cases.



Cards like these need a tuck case to match, and for the campaign two very luxurious boxes have been created, produced by Gambler’s Warehouse, with embossing and three different foils. Decks will be numbered in the seal and the interior will be printed if the project reaches the stretch goal.



The cards will be printed by the USPCC on their classic paper and linen finish and, as stretch goal, metallic inks will be used.

You can also get a limited beautiful collector’s box with both gilded editions.



If you like it, visit the project website and make your contribution.

Good luck!