BICYCLE SCARAB decks. The power of the sacred beetle

I’ve never been a great fun of bugs, but it is true that some of them have had a very important place in the history of some cultures and civilizations. This is the case of the Scarab beetle in the Egyptian culture, a symbol of power and protection, not only for life, but also after death. Inspired by this magical superstition,Scott King (Crooked Kings Cards) has launched his latest project that has already received a warm welcome: THE SCARABS.

This transition between life and eternity accompanied by the sacred insect has been depicted in two different decks (something that collectors really appreciate) with careful designs in two very different styles.



The red deck shows elegant and rigid character designs of Egyptian royalty in the splendor of their reigns. Clean and detailed vector graphics with gold (related to their status) and red (about their vitality) accents on white backgrounds.

The blue deck, however, shows ethereal drawings with a disturbing ghostly feeling. More realistic pictures with black backgrounds and spectral appearance.



The back shows the binding of the beetle and the sun as two sacred symbols closely linked to the Ancient Egypt’s culture and tradition.



The tuck cases are simple but very elegant with the big Bicycle brand, a small logo at the bottom right and a lateral design that allows to create, joining  both cases, the idea about ??duality present in this project.




As I said, the project has been a success in a couple days and is almost funded, so printing is assured (and coming from Scott, undoubtedly there will be much more surprises). If you like the decks, visit the project website and raise your pledge.

Good luck!