Different Black deck edition. H.O.P.E. is the last to die!


It is official! After growing day by day, the funding goal for the the Different deck campaign I have been talking about last weeks has arrived to an amount enough to offer the Limited Black deck.



That means not only that any backer can add it to their pledges as an add-on but also every H.O.P.E. pledge level backer will get two of each of the decks offered in the campaign (standard, limited bicycle and limited black Bicycle) and, of course, the HOPE sticker.

Furthermore, if the project gets $70868, every backer pledging over $30 will get a free black deck (excluding the H.O.P.E. backers – they are already getting TWO free black decks).



If you have not raised your pledge, do not hesitate to do it before the campaign ends. Go to the project website to get more info and find the H.O.P.E..

Good luck and enjoy this video from Brian!


[youtube R7qd42onNXo]