Life Comes In Numbers. The craziest customized playing cards


Crazy, funny, original… These are only three adjectives to describe this new deck of cards recently launched: Life Comes in Numbers.



For the very first time, a campaign written both in English and Spanish, like Max Plying Cards articles. This is due to the origin of the creator, Daniel Dobleu, born in Bogotá (Colombia).



This is a semi-transformation deck, inspired in the real life, where each card depicts something related to the number it represents. The illustration style is quite original and there are 14 different images, one per number, that repeat in each suit.



The campaign offers something not done till now: a deck completely personalized. For $100 pledge you can have three copies of your own deck created using your desired illustrations for the court cards and aces and even a customized tuck case.



The artist has released two different tuck cases, the original one and another in black. If you like the designs, visit the project website and raise your pledge.

Good luck!