HIPSTER SANTA Playing cards. The best manicured beard in the North Pole

Rhys Bright (BrightDewsignHouse) is a versatile and talented artist. His works as an illustrator and 3D designer have allowed him to collaborate with important companies. Due to his love for cardistry and using his very personal and careful style, Rhys has decided to make a foray into playing cards design with the HIPSTER SANTA deck.

Hipster Santa is a character who has already appeared in Rhys Bright’s previous works and who inspires a Christmas themed deck of cards. The artist wanted to keep the traditional card structure with a festive touch. Thus, he has redesigned the suits to fit the theme.



With these new pips, the faces follow the classic scheme to keep the playability of the deck, an essential point in the creator’s vision.



However, to leave his artistic mark, the ace of spades and the jokers are decorated with Rhys’ designs in a color ad creativity explosion showing a quite original Santa Claus.



The tuck case is a full-fledged Christmas wrap, in red color with gold foil print. It presents the face of the main character and his manicured beard and a fun and cheerful gingerbread man that symbolizes the optimism of the artist, whose initials decorate a numbered black seal.



The back follows the case design in a geometric configuration.



The limited edition of 1000 decks will be printed by Expert Playing Cards at their factory in China.

If you want to get this interesting and original proposal, visit the project website and raise your pledge.

Merry Hipster Christmas!