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09 November

HIPSTER SANTA Playing cards. The best manicured beard in the North Pole

Rhys Bright (BrightDewsignHouse) is a versatile and talented artist. His works as an illustrator and 3D designer have allowed him to collaborate with important companies. Due to his love for cardistry and using his very personal and careful style, Rhys has decided to make a foray into playing cards design with the HIPSTER SANTA deck. Hipster Santa is a character who has already appeared in Rhys Bright’s previous works and who inspires a Christmas themed deck of cards. The artist…

25 February

Wine deck by AlienInk. From the vineyard to your playing table. Printed by Pr1me

  After other galactic and flowery campaigns, Alien Ink launches a new deck inspired by something more earthy and delicious: wine. The Wine deck blends the elegance of the lines in the card back with interesting characters related to the delicious ambrosia drawn in the court cards. The design of the aces is perhaps one of the strengths of these cards, which also has a customized pips creating a deck full of heady inspiration. The deck, if funded, will be…

13 February

Hipster deck. Independent culture, design and playing cards

  Jody Eklund is a Colorado based freelance illustrator and designer. He started up recently his own company Fluent, Inc. and he has decided to launch his first crowdfunding campaign, based on a playing cards design: The Hipster Deck. Following his wife’s suggestions, and having in mind the strong personality of the Hipster movement, he thought a deck based on it would be a good way to design something new and different. He wanted to use not only the visual…