Light Roast Playing Cards. A deck with minimalist geometry

Siavash Mortazavi (aka Sia) is a software developer who is living the classic dream of turning an idea into a unique deck. After becoming an avid collector and backer of playing cards projects, he has taken his passion to the next step creating his first personal project: LIGHT ROAST.

After several months of work, Sia has brought minimalism to its maximum essence by designing a deck of cards in which basic geometry is the protagonist.

Fully customized suit symbols are both simple and very recognizable.



Despite the simplicity of the designs, he has managed to give personality to each one of the court cards in which, with very few elements, different personal characteristics are shown on each of the faces. This design is also applied to jokers.



The numbered cards are really original, replacing the traditional pips with a single symbol that grows in size at the same time as its number, creating a fun flip-book animated effect.



A geometric back made by a multitude of suit symbols is also used to decorate both faces of the tuck case.



For production, the designer has relied on Expert Playing Cards Company to print the deck using their well-known Classic finish in a limited print run of 1000 decks.

If you like it, there are still some days and some available early birds with special prices. Help Sia to make his dream come true by visiting LIGHT ROAST the project website and raising your pledge.

Good luck!