RESILIENCE Playing Cards. A marked and ordered elegance

Alberto Ruano is a self-taught magician who has compiled, since his childhood, information, books and content from the best magicians in the world. In tireless work over the years, Alberto has drawn from the sources of classical magical wisdom by René Lavand or Juan Tamariz and from contemporary techniques such as those by Ondrej Psenicka or Antonio Cacace to develop a new system of ordering and marking and create amazing magical effects. This passion for the most refined of techniques was combined with his interest in playing card collecting and thus he made the RESILIENCE MOD Playing Cards.

RESILIENCE MOD is the result of many years of research and a year of development on a deck with a traditional cut but full of secrets. The goal is to put in the hands of a magician a powerful tool dressed in an elegant way.

The faces show a standard base deck and a simplified color scheme on the court cards. The ace of spades has been customized with an ornate design and the jokers refer to the secret behind the Venetian-inspired masks.



The true magic of the deck is hidden on the back, behind the MOD system, based on a contrast marking and on a classic mnemonic order. Along with the deck you can purchase a detailed development of the system to fully exploit its possibilities as well as an explanatory video.



The tuck case has been carefully designed and printed with embossing and metallic foil both inside and outside, thus closing an elegant and stylish item.

The USPCC was in charge of printing the cards on Bicycle paper with an air cushion finish in a limited print run of 1000 decks.

If you want to try something different, you can get it with a special price on the official website.

Good luck!