STRIGIFORMES OWL BICYCLE Playing Cards. The disturbing beauty of nocturnal creatures

Nocturnal, silent, observing … So are the owl, both beautiful and disturbing. Inspired by these enigmatic creatures, Will Roya (  has just launched the BICYCLE STRIGIFORMES deck.

Will has teamed up with the talented artist and writer Renee LeCompte, who already tried to fund this deck and, after making important changes in the design, now present a beautifully illustrated and completely customized deck.



The cards are almost an ornithological study on nocturnal birds showing a total of 17 different species carefully chosen and illustrated in the court cards, aces and two funny jokers. Everything in the deck has been customized with a smart color treatment and very interesting thematic suits. The back shows a beautiful symmetrical composition decorated with feathers and birds.



Design quality is combined with the printing quality, developed by the USPCC, with the classic Bicycle paper, in a limited edition of 2,500 decks.

With no doubt, a magnificent addition to any collection of custom decks that will also allow you to get any of the available decks previously launched by If you want them, visit the project website and raise your pledge.

Good luck!



Trying to find the best for the card fans, Will Roya has just created Pip Box Club, a monthly subscription service to provide card fans with surprise awesome decks, samples, discounts & more!

For the moment, he is trying to check the interest in the community about this idea. For that purpose, he has created a Facebook group so you can join and read all the proposed membership levels and benefits in order to give him any feedback. The idea is to get the best value for the members while still making the club economically and logistically feasible for long term success.

If you are interested, just join the Facebook group to give your feedback. If it is finally created, you can decide to be part of it or not.