EGYPTIUM Playing Cards. The changing interpretation of the world of the pharaohs

After working together on the Heroes of the Nations project, April GS and Oleg Shapkin have teamed up again in a new deck: EGYPTIUM.

Egyptian Civilization is an inexhaustible source of inspiration that many artists have used on playing cards. The unmistakable style of the artist with illustrations made by hand with watercolor brushes offers us compositions with soft and elegant lines. The symbology is profuse and detailed, with characters that review Egyptian history, culture and mythology.



The pictorial technique takes advantage of the strokes to show changing portraits in the court cards adding an aura of mystery and mutability in the illustrations.



The aces have been decorated with images of animals and myths.



The numbered cards have been completely customized without losing their playability thanks to their clean designs.



The back depicts a symmetrical composition full of symbols and hieroglyphs.



The details of the tuck case have been highly taken care of, with an elegant gold foil and inner printing.



Three variations of the deck have been designed that will be unlocked as stretch goals: the Sunny edition, with sand and papyrus colors, the Sapphire edition, with a manually retouched color inversion and black backgrounds, and the Ruby edition, with very bright colors. more saturated in yellow and red. In addition, all of them will have an ultra limited print run of gilded decks for the most serious collectors.



Like in previous projects, all the decks will be printed by Nage Cards.

If you like them, visit the project website and raise your pledge.

Good luck!