MUS&FUN Spanish Playing Cards. A group of solidary mustache “sotas”

The modern facilities of the current Casino Kursaal are in fact worthy heirs to the Gran Casino, an emblem of the Belle Epoque in San Sebastian which began its activity in 1921, just three years before the dictatorship of Primo de Rivera banned the game and closed its doors.




Today, Casino Kursaal is a consolidated and updated institution that offers its clients a wide variety of entertainment services in the heart of San Sebastián city.

But in addition to its playful activities, the casino also has solidarity initiatives. This year, coinciding with the European capital of San Sebastian, they have created a limited edition of a very special 40-card Spanish deck. It is a reinterpretation of the Spanish playing cards that combines the tradition of the playing cards history with an avant-garde design.




Under the name MUS & FUN, in reference to the game of Mus, so popular in Spain (and especially in Euskadi), the cards have been designed by Iván Mata, with a minimalist and something comical touch. The guiding thread of the deck is the historical symbology of the Spanish suits representing different levels of feudal society: the monarchy (golds), the church (cups), the nobility (swords) and the working-class (clubs).




In addition, the Casino Kursaal, in one of its solidarity works, organizes poker tournaments called Mustache&Fun for the benefit of the Movember Spain Foundation. This deck links to that activity by adding a big mustache on the “sotas” in the court cards and donating 1 euro per deck.




Carta Mundi has printed a total of 2016 decks and the Casino is selling the decks for a very good price of only 5 euros (1 of them will go to Movember). So, don’t let this opportunity go and VISIT THE SHOP to order all the decks you want before they sell out.

I would like to thank Odón Elorza, marketing manager of the Casino Kursaal and promoter of this idea with the creative guys of Husmee Studio Graphique (Alain, Ernesto e Iñigo),  for his kindness to provide me with all the information in this article and, above all, for having declared himself as a fan of Max Playing Cards.

Thanks and good luck!