GROTESK MACABRE Playing Cards INVERTED INFERNO Edition. The happy ending of a macabre story

When the people of the future look for the word “tenacity” or “perfectionism” in the encyclopedia, they will undoubtedly find a photo of Lotrek (OATH Playing Cards) next to the definitions. Since this Greek artist decided to create a new standard of quality in the world of contemporary cards, he has had to face a multitude of catastrophic misfortunes that have forced him to perform dozens of tests and reprints of his decks until achieving an optimal result. Each new creation has been a challenge that has made him reborn and reinvent himself becoming a reference, admired and respected by all, thanks to his work full of passion and careful detail.

One of his most ambitious projects was Grotesk Macabre Black Gold, first deck ever printed on black stock with hot stamped foil on both card backs and faces. The production of this deck suffered many delays until the artist got exactly the quality and finish he was looking for. Although it was a widely funded project, the costs derived from the reprints have been insane and therefore, Lotrek has decided to launch a short campaign to help this reprint: GROTESK MACABRE INVERTED INFERNO.



Inverted Inferno campaign is only 7 days long and has already achieved 10 times the initial goal. This deck is a version of the Inferno deck, offered during the previous campaign, but printed with the opposite colors. Thus, it will use a red foil print on black paper for the back and silver foil on the faces. The court cards are the same as in the black gold edition.

The tuck case will be impressive, with red foil on black paper and a deep embossing.



The decks will be limited exclusively to those ordered during the campaign along these days so, if you want to get it, you must do it through your pledge in the project website.

Good luck!