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06 May

GROTESK MACABRE Playing Cards INVERTED INFERNO Edition. The happy ending of a macabre story

When the people of the future look for the word “tenacity” or “perfectionism” in the encyclopedia, they will undoubtedly find a photo of Lotrek (OATH Playing Cards) next to the definitions. Since this Greek artist decided to create a new standard of quality in the world of contemporary cards, he has had to face a multitude of catastrophic misfortunes that have forced him to perform dozens of tests and reprints of his decks until achieving an optimal result. Each new creation…

22 June

Dante’s Inferno Bicycle deck. The Divine Comedy

    The Faro Playing Card Company, creators of the labyrinthine The Hedge Bicycle deck, release a new and interesting project: Bicycle Dante’s Inferno deck. Inspired by the legendary work of Dante Alighieri, The Divine Comedy, designs are a modern interpretation true to the original text and framed after the classic “Inferno” illustrations by the versatile artist Gustave Doré. The deck, with a eerie atmosphere (watch the gallery of images), will be printed by the USPCC. You can go to…