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27 November

MUS&FUN Spanish Playing Cards. A group of solidary mustache “sotas”

The modern facilities of the current Casino Kursaal are in fact worthy heirs to the Gran Casino, an emblem of the Belle Epoque in San Sebastian which began its activity in 1921, just three years before the dictatorship of Primo de Rivera banned the game and closed its doors.     Today, Casino Kursaal is a consolidated and updated institution that offers its clients a wide variety of entertainment services in the heart of San Sebastián city. But in addition…

16 February

DEMONAIPES deck. The most evil and funny playing cards

After nearly one year of its latest creation, the old friend of Max Playing Cards, Carlos García Valverde, strikes back with his new deck DEMONAIPES. True to his humorous style, Demonaipes arises from hell in a stunning limited edition of just 100 decks. A Spanish deck with custom suits where golds, cups, swords and clubs are skulls, cauldrons, pitchforks and torches.     Each deck will be signed by the artist and numbered between 600 and 700. This curious numbering system pursues…

18 May

OLYMPICOMIC deck. Even the Olympic rings can’t stop laughing

  Sense of humor and playing cards meet again. After the BaraJA-JA and The Kingdom of León decks, Carlos Garcia Valverde launches his latest creation: the Olympicomic Deck.     Using the same funny designing style, the Olympicomic Deck celebrates all the Olympic Games organized in the modern era, from Athens 1896 to Rio de Janeiro 2016.     Like it happened in the previous creations, the cards follow the Spanish deck schema, with the four traditional suits: coins, cups, swords…

25 December

The Kingdom of León Deck. 1100 years of history in 40 playing cards

  The Kingdom of León was undoubtedly the main protagonist in the Reconquista of the Iberian peninsula that, for more than 800 years, configured a regional structure of Spain very similar to what we know today. Coinciding with the celebration of the 1100th anniversary and the declaration of the Chalice of Doña Urraca as the true Holy Grail (according to studies by prestigious researchers), the artist and friend of Max Playing Cards, Carlos García Valverde, has designed the deck of…

15 August

Naipes originales. Spanish playing cards by Bernabela Mujica Lainez

    “Life is a complex game, perhaps the most serious that we can address, and we demand competence and understanding. Full of signs, it reveals us and confronts us with the vicissitudes of fate. Beyond the inherited notion of virtue, sometimes it asks us: Truth or lie? And gives us a free pass to create our provisional scale of values. Who in this world could hold immutable certainties? Art is an essential record of this game and it is…

08 August

Bara JA-JA. A deck to laugh your head off

      All his life dedicated to comics, illustration and graphic design, Carlos García Valverde created over thirty years ago (1980), as a gift to a friend in the military service, a Spanish deck of 40 cards full of comic situations. It was completely handmade and manually plasticized.     Social networks reconnected both friend after many years, and they remembered old times, including that almost forgotten exclusive deck. and made a digital scan. After publishing the images on…

19 May

Reprint of a bullfighting mexican comic deck circa 1960

I don’t talk about Spanish cards very often, not because I am not interested on them (all the contrary) or because they don’t interest to my readers (all the contrary too). The reason is that, unfortunately, there is not a fluid channel with information about Spanish cards creations. This is an exception, because this deck has been created by a good friend, Iñaki Aguirrezabal, a Spanish playing cards lover, especially of those bull-fighting themed. He has edited other decks before,…