The Kingdom of León Deck. 1100 years of history in 40 playing cards


The Kingdom of León was undoubtedly the main protagonist in the Reconquista of the Iberian peninsula that, for more than 800 years, configured a regional structure of Spain very similar to what we know today.

Coinciding with the celebration of the 1100th anniversary and the declaration of the Chalice of Doña Urraca as the true Holy Grail (according to studies by prestigious researchers), the artist and friend of Max Playing Cards, Carlos García Valverde, has designed the deck of the Kingdom of León.



Illustrated with the comic style by Carlos (as he did with his baraja-ja) these playing cards reinterpret the classic Spanish suits using others directly related to the subject (Alfonso VI’s gold coin for the “oros”, the chalice of Doña Urraca for the “copas”, Alfonso VI’s sword for the “espadas” and the municipal mace for the “bastos”). Furthermore, the court cards represent historical figures of the medieval León (from Guzmán el Bueno to Ramiro II).

You can visit Carlos’ blog to view more info about the deck and some links to buy it.


[youtube nAUFGLuB6Zk]