Retro Deck. Mid-Century modern style playing cards


As an architect worried about the modern and sustainable environments, Kraig Kalashian started in 2007 a company called Pocono Modern, whose mission was to build an affordable modern home with quality materials cheaper then any other low quality house. They developed several products fitting with their idea of the ideal home and also with the mid-century designing style. One of those products was the Pocono Modern deck of cards that was successfully funded and printed by the middle of this year. Now, he presents a second deck also inspired by the Mid-Century design: The Retro Deck.

The Retro Deck explores the popular Mid-Century style with simple and elegant designs made by Joe Morelli and Pocono Modern. The vintage and modern atmosphere of this set of cards is really nice and the inspiration and the deep study behind each card have been able to catch that modern spirit in every line.



There will be two editions of this deck, with the same back and two different color combinations in faces. You can choose the one you prefer or just get both decks that will be printed by the USPCC.

Enjoy the images and visit the project website to raise your pledge.

Good luck!