CALAVERAS DE AZUCAR Luxury Edition Playing Cards. Russia and Mexico meet in the most luxurious tuck case

Calaveras de Azucar was a creation in the purest style of Natalia Silva, with her personal vector graphics inspired by the popular Mexican Day of the Dead. After her successful campaign in which she offered decks in different colors and print-runs, she has just released a very exclusive and beautiful object: CALAVERAS DE AZUCAR Luxury Edition.



For this edition, Natalia has created a unique tuck case, designed for collectors, in which she has used very striking materials for a surprising finish: a gold foiled paper with a rough texture for the case that will carry a brown jacket with a skull in gold foil. Natalia has bought in Europe the materials for the case that will be printed in the United States.



The boxes will also have a seal on gold foil and will be numbered and signed.

These exclusive and luxurious cases will contain the black Edition created by Natalia in the previous campaign and printed by the USPCC.



She will make 200 decks with a male skull, offered in the campaign. In addition, Natalia will also create 150 decks of another similar deck but with a female skull in it. The latter are available on pre-sale in Natalia’s website. If you are interested in these decks and want to buy two or more, contact Natalia to get a discount on those offered on her website.



You can visit the project website for more information and raise your pledge.

Good luck!