KALIBIUM Playing Cards. Four kingdoms of a Utopian world in unstable balance

Kalibium is an imaginary world, almost perfect, divided into four kingdoms. Each kingdom is represented by an idea, a concept that leads to truth in a cyclic, endless way, where the real and the imaginary intertwine making them impossible to distinguish. With this fantastic inspiration, a new deck appears: KALIBIUM.

This is the first deck of 11 Crows, a team formed by Michal Danielewicz (aka Malaria) and Aga Reut, two inseparable souls united by creativity, games and a different way of seeing the world, from another perspective, free and also a little rebellious. From this union, the idea of ??Kalibium arises, an allegory of their particular vision of a utopian world, formed by four kingdoms depicted in the four suits of the deck. A world without imperfections stalked by an imminent chaos.



In the Kingdom of Rebirth (hearts), a red sphere in which everything is reborn endlessly, three rulers play with a ball of fire and rejuvenate themselves over and over.



In the Kingdom of Liquid (spades) everything flows and the water can take any form. Waterfalls and balls full of liquid bounce before their rulers, who look at them without worrying about the cataclysm that is looming.



The Kingdom of Rust (diamonds) is a sphere full of rusty powder whose rulers go from one place to another turning everything into dust. In this kingdom everything that exists exists to be used.



Ideas, concepts and consciences are born in the Kingdom of Dreams (clubs). The consciences of those inhabitants of Kalibium who turn into dust return to this place.



The travelers, depicted in the jokers, are creatures unexpectedly arrived from another dimension and whose plans for this world are as unknown and worrisome.



Undoubtedly, these are designs full of mystery, disturbing creatures and a story to tell, which seems proposed for everyone to interpret in their own way but clearly shows a huge imagination and creativity on a set of playing cards.

The deck will be printed by the USPCC and, with funding enough, a second edition, called Kalibium Enlightened, more luminous and elegant, will be printed.



If you like it, visit the project website and raise your pledge.

Good luck!