RAINBOW ILLUSION version 2 Playing Cards RELAUNCH. Color your collection

After a campaign with a thrilling finish that was about to be funded, Landry Sanders decided to stop and check his project to make some adjustments to improve the backers’ experience. Now, he has just relaunched his deck with much more energy and optimism: RAINBOW ILLUSION version 2.

This deck is inspired by his previous and successful campaign, Rainbow Illusions, although the artist has made some interesting changes. Keeping the cool four color pattern, one per suit, the scheme is somewhat softer. The new back is a version that the artist used in a previous version but was never printed. Court cards are also different, keeping the traditional style but in a more colorful than ever version.




Aces have also been updated. By the way, one of them has served for the nice header customization of Max Playing Cards logo by Landry.




One of the most striking changes can be seen in the indexes that have been flooded by the colors of each suit, which improves the identification of cards.



The tuck case is completely different, we could say that inverted regarding the previous deck, since this time the multicolor reflective material is present in the whole case excepting the text and the color wheel so, at first glance, it will be certainly spectacular. A lovely rounded seal will be the perfect finishing touch for such a beautiful case.



The deck will be printed by Legends Playing Card Company in a very limited run of 1000 units.

Enjoy the color and playability of this deck. Also, if you don’t have it yet, you can get the original deck in some tiers. Visit the project website and raise your pledge.

Good luck!