UNBRANDED SAMSARA and SKY DESCENDER Playing Cards. The other side of the Bicycle seal

Barry is the artist behind the designs of the Bicycle Sky Descender and Samsara playing cards. Both projects were successfully funded and the decks were printed and delivered. Once the decks are almost sold out, Barry has decided to create two new reissues with significant aesthetic changes from the original: UNBRANDED SAMSARA AND SKY DESCENDER.


SamsaraUnbranded_tuck SkyDescenderUnbranded_tuck


Although they will be produced by the USPCC, these two new decks won’t have the Bicycle seal on them as its predecessors. In addition to this change, there are some other in both new editions.

UNBRANDED SAMSARA edition is the “dark” version of its twin. While the original represented the greenest and hopeful nature, this one is sad, with purple and blue colors representing the decay, the other side of the devastated nature. The deck won’t be marked as the Bicycle edition was. To represent this duality, the tuck case includes the mirrored name of the deck in English and Chinese.



UNBRANDED SKY DESCENDER edition keeps the mythological inspiration of powerful creatures descendants of the Great Dragon, although this time they are much more docile and calmer, perhaps because of that combination of colors with white background. The cards will also use metallic inks and the backs will have thinner borders.



Both editions will be limited to 2,500 decks each. In addition, some pledge tiers include the few units still available of the original Bicycle decks, so it may be the last chance to get them.

If you like the new designs, visit the project website and raise your pledge.

Good luck!